From a representative of the Arts & Culture Committee of the NYC General Assembly, a group who is often documented in this place:

“…and we came together as a motley crew of individuals, individuals who wandered into the midst of the group that is now called the General Assembly of New York, and in the midst of discussion about plans to “occupy” Wall Street NO LESS!  And we came together to feel more than a few parts of our human bodies excited, excited by the talk of a mass mobilization of the 99%, excited to see the crowd manifest itself on Wall Street on September 17.  And we came together, yet, finding something lacking, finding some amount of energy in our hearts, our minds, our souls not quite actualized, finding that we must come together each of us to form something which struggled to be vocalized, something which could only best be called ‘arts,’ and perhaps ‘culture,’ and perhaps ‘ ‘arts’ AND ‘culture’ ‘?  And we came together and we placed our committee inside the Assembly, we placed our committee inside your committee, inside every committee, inside even the unformed committee of non-affiliated individuals, inside of anyone and everyone to form a more perfect Union, inside of all individuals present and the whole of the movement and the whole of the entire world and we rejoiced and we made sweet love to each one, each and every person, each organization, and every idea that was gathered there.  And we came together…”

“If you would like more information on ” ‘Arts’ and ‘Culture’ ” in the New York City General Assembly, please email debordwalk[at]gmail[dot]com.  If you’d like to get involved with Arts and Culture – you know we ALL would – you can apply for membership to the Wall Street Arts and Culture Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/917-arts-and-culture


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