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Why will you occupy Wall Street?

Dear friends,

In discussing the idea of occupying Wall Street, I have brought to light a surprising fact: many are the people interested in the “occupation,” many are also the reasons for why we should do so:

“I will occupy Wall Street to protest a corrupt financial system.”

“…to demand fairer elections.”

“…to manifest the voice and will of the people.”

“…to join with others in building a new world.”

I have been inspired by this diverse community of creative individuals who all feel a specific set of demands, a distinct sense of direction, and a unique source of purpose for participating in the events of September 17, 2011.  But we all want to work together.

These are not the only people who will be there; I do not want these, the people I know, to be the only ones who will be there.  I want you to be there, whoever you are, so the big question that I have been contemplating in my little locked room is,

“Why will YOU occupy Wall Street?”

So what is your message for Wall Street.  I look forward to reading them here and on Wall Street (we’ll film and post it here).  I look forward to hearing from you.