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Wall Street Poetry: A poem to my father

Sadly, ever since the 17th (when they locked down Wall Street because we were going to have too much fun), I have backed off from documenting some of our amazing spontaneous moments of art on Wall Street.  But I forgot to mention this one – hope you enjoy!


Self-Reflection on 9/11

Wall Street is a location that has been utterly altered by the events of September 11. With all thru traffic closed, it turned Wall Street into a public space that appears to be unlike any other in the city: a pure public space, though one that is constantly in a state of crisis and under threat.  How do we memorialize September 11, 2001 there?  How can we represent the events of that day and their impact today, 10 years later?

In consideration of this, philosopher-poet Bold Jez will be reading and interpreting passages from an interview with the late French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, taken just a few weeks after the terror attacks on the World Trade Center.  After a brief reading, the floor will be open for a discussion of people’s reflections on the events of September 11th, 2001, via personal experiences, memories, and thoughts on the 10th anniversary.

Plan to meet at 1 pm 11:30 am at 23 Wall Street (the building on corner of Wall Street and Broad across from Federal Hall).  All the public will be invited to listen and participate.

Wall Street: SHAMED!

Yes that’s right, the people from Project for Public Spaces have created a list of the worst public spaces in the world and guess who came up on the list…here’s their assessment:

The symbolic center of capitalism looks like it is under siege. Security measures intended to protect against terrorism have resulted in an armed camp mentality that serves no one. Of course security is necessary, but…[a]s is, security barricades and vehicles are everywhere, giving the impression that Wall Street operates in a state of constant fear. The chaotic conditions are an embarrassment to the financial district and to New York as a whole…

oooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo, Wall Street: SHAMED!  It’s all toooooo bad that this assessment actually makes it a fucking awesome and super bad ass place to perform your political poetry!  Where else, aside of occupying City Hall or a Bank of America, are you absolutely required to get into the revolutionary spirit?

Stand on the pedestal in front of George Washington on the site marking the 1st oath of office of the United States and tell everyone what they aren’t ready to hear!  (it’s what i did, anyway)

"Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth; when perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed." Tacitus

Who are these vandals?

Who are these vandals?  Who are these menaces? Who are these outcasts, who have marred the beauty of the beautiful sidewalk by our beautiful fountain in our beautiful park?

Well…let me tell you…

We are the 99%.  We are the remainder in your equation, the one that calculates the markets based only on an optimal outcome — and only optimal to some, the few who control 35% of this country’s wealth.  The few who attack socially-responsible economics as radical-commie-socialism.  The few who attackparticipatory democratic politics as lefty-anarchist-utopianism.  The few of you who as you gather more and more wealth to you, you become fewer and fewer and undermine the source of justified power.

And while you become fewer, we become stronger.  We become more, we become many, we become a movement that is stronger than you can imagine.  And when we come together on Wall Street that day, then there shall be a time for us, the 99%, the crowd, the polis, the People, to truly identify ourselves.  For despite the world’s ever-rushing onwards into oblivion, WE shall make TIME for ourselves.

But there is only enough time before a strength reserved, a strength deferred becomes a strength that is broken and withered.

Will YOU, fellow members of the 99%, answer this call?  Why will YOU #occupyWallStreet?  And WHERE?  As we believe that Wall Street is ALL streets, where will YOU choose to be on September 17?


Wall Street is ALL (!) Streets

Date: 8/22/2011, ~11 am. Location: Wall Street, New York, NY
Performer: Bold Jez

I want you to turn to that alarm clock next to your head and BREAK the snooze! Now look at your Hands! These are Your Hands. I want you to recognize that these are Your Hands, which have been oh so gradually alienated from your own bodies. These are the Hands that move the Market. And these are like those hands that have taken our streets and claimed them for their private property.

And whose streets are ALL STREETS? OUR STREETS.
So whose street is WALL STREET? Our street.

We are here RIGHT NOW. It’s time to kill the Protestor inside your head who says, I’m tired – the one who says: …we have done enough…i’m tired…I’m ready to take off my shoes… But the SHOES don’t come off before the GLOVES!

you don’t want to be sleeping when the rEvolution comes.
you don’t want to be looking for your Hands when the rEvolution comes.
you don’t want to find out that you can’t see them because you’re sleeping, because you’re in happee dreamee land.

We’re here to humanize the market. We’re here to overpopulate this system. We’re here to falsify their currency.

So many of us have learned too much from this life, learned to fear our own dreams. The truth is, this is all just a dream. We are dreaming it together.