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Self-Reflection on 9/11

Wall Street is a location that has been utterly altered by the events of September 11. With all thru traffic closed, it turned Wall Street into a public space that appears to be unlike any other in the city: a pure public space, though one that is constantly in a state of crisis and under threat.  How do we memorialize September 11, 2001 there?  How can we represent the events of that day and their impact today, 10 years later?

In consideration of this, philosopher-poet Bold Jez will be reading and interpreting passages from an interview with the late French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, taken just a few weeks after the terror attacks on the World Trade Center.  After a brief reading, the floor will be open for a discussion of people’s reflections on the events of September 11th, 2001, via personal experiences, memories, and thoughts on the 10th anniversary.

Plan to meet at 1 pm 11:30 am at 23 Wall Street (the building on corner of Wall Street and Broad across from Federal Hall).  All the public will be invited to listen and participate.